Saturday, 22 June 2013

Some thoughts on existence

(from my twitter)

  1. Absurd is when you see around you every product has been invested time and effort in, but not the existential society, stability, the people

  2. What's strange about life is it's not complicated; people should be able to work things out. But among other things the 9 to 5 destroys this

  3. History doesn't repeat itself, people do. We continue to see & treat the beggar, the foreigner and the politician as the places to be angry.

  4. Life is most beautiful when we're as sincere as seeing ourselves acting on a world stage

  5. Spirituality is awesome because it effortlessly rejects the common fallacy of mortality being the end of everything you should care about

  6. Spirituality is awesome because it dissolves every false teaching of society at once

  7. Alien is the reality of our actual potentials Alien is our voice outside our skulls Alien is your mind gliding to collect sound waves

  8. Life is nothing without the delusion of self

  9. To live as a human you have to care about the world and believe life's worth communicating about so you occupy yourself with something to do

  10. And the pile of problems was so great that no politician dared to go in that room

12 Jun
“Without great solitude no serious work is possible.” – Pablo Picasso

  1. Wealth should be rather, that we have no business with problems. But most people think wealth is being counted as trendy, new, by society.

  2. Signs of the end of the world #144: we made all our problems dull and our weaknesses exciting.

  3. "the problem" is the bomb in the brain, it's how society ripped the good out of us and instilled/installed the bad. To admit it is taboo

  4. Everyone is such an overgrown child they they cannot come to agreements on anything even in politics, and the cause is advertising 

    14 Jun
Intelligence is the opposite of the path of least resistance

14 Jun
Is it so serious that the world can end, if agents of disinformation distract us; if advertising trudges on anyway; if politicians gave up?

  1. Politics loses all intelligence and integrity when it becomes interested in money. This is the Greatness of mankind: not much

  2. You might wonder if you can become fearless of truth, and then if it's so wrong not to exist at all because surely, more truth is obsolete.

  3. we're a funny thing, us humans, it's not good to not think like one. Not mentally healthy to study the truth.
  1. It's no long leap from government to advertisers (applied psychology), and that's what's so worrying about the Greatness of humanity

  2. Government can only do both what pleases the rich and distracts the poor, and as such it's a failure of unbiased objective intelligence

16 Jun
Basically the biggest problem we humans face in existence is communicating, and yet we use an ancient grammar with failed social structures.

  1. If it's no longer currently conflicting with our world as relating to us (what is Real) we can admit someone is right

  2. God cannot save you, wealth cannot save you, nothing can satisfy your creation here on this planet as anything more than momentary.

  3. Nothing exists but what the mind imagines.

  4. "The nine-to-five is one of the greatest atrocities sprung upon mankind. You give your life away to a function that doesn't interest you."

  5. Society- a whole load of hurt, and nobody knew why.

  6. By allowing the status quo to continue you don't make the problems any newer.

  7. As a dead arm will illustrate, nothing in this world has a relative position but what the mind imagines.

  1. The soul is a notion formed from the consistent instances (patterns) of situations our human minds happen to find themselves in this society

  1. Only in the human world do they destroy the biosphere to a cheer of renewal, and leak truths to be called backwards; blasphemer; traitor

  2. Modern science is the study of objective truth practiced where society's predominant agendas happen to allocate it money

  3. Globalization introduced an unprecedented weakness i.e. energy/capital interdependency, like a fatal temptation of biblical proportions
  1. There's never an answer. Abstractions rob us of morally clean actions. There is only local morality or absurd reality.

  2. Treat animals nicely? But what about the pet animal bones that get ground up for pet food. Economics has the last say